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Electronic product design service.

Electronic Product Design

We can organise all aspects of your project - from writing software to electronic product design & manufacture.  Often working to a 'Proof-of-concept' method with a functional prototype before actually proceeding to any manufacture ...cost effective and ensuring a final working product.

Stages of product design:

  1. Your idea - press the Start button for a no obligation quote
  2. Feasibility study & specification
  3. Schematic CAD design
  4. Software design
  5. Verification with proof-of-concept prototype

Once your satisfied and any amendments to the specification made, we move on to the final design. For the product's enclosure either an off-the-shelf solution could be sourced, or optionally we can produce a prototype plastic enclosure.

  1. Optional 3D prototype plastic enclosure CAD design & samples.
  2. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout from schematic.
  3. PCB manufacture
  4. Further software design
  5. Final verification of finished product

Our passion is electronic product design and windows application development.  Our skills come from developing automotive based products over the last 10+ years with a problem solving approach.  Established in 2002, we're proud to be a company based in the United Kingdom offering a personalised service developing both our own and clients products.  We have a branch in the Philippines which extends our software development services.

Microsft Windows -electronic product design interfacing using Windows.


Wide-ranging software skills - develop Windows applications and Websites like this in HTML.  Remote Database access and interfacing a PC through USB/wirelessly to electronic products are our speciality.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) -electronic product design with lowered manufacturing costs.

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Our software utilizes the hardware to its maximum potential for lower manufacturing costs, while keeping a minimum time-to-market.

Coding to Standard -electronic product design coding to standard.

Code to Standard

Code written to the CMSIS ARM standard. Reducing development time + more portable and easier to maintain.

Electronic Assembly -electronic product design manufacturing/assembling harness.

Product Assembly

We can handle small to medium sized assembly work. Fitting electronics into enclosures for example and assembling harnesses.

Advanced Software Skills -electronic product design with advanced software skills.

Advanced Software Skills

We use embedded real-time operating systems (RTOS) and avoid the over-head of Linux with slow boot-time/resource hungry architecture.  Also write our own code libraries when necessary.

PCB Cicuits -electronic product design with advanced designer skills.

Better By Design

Unlike some companies, we don't use a PCB auto-router.  We route the schematic ourselves from a person skilled in electronics for the most reliable/best design.

Anti-Copy Protection -electronic product designs protected from copy infringements.


State-of-the-art anti-copy measures.  Copyright infringements from countries such as China can be common place so built-in protection of your product is vital.

Business Partnerships -electronic product designs improved with our business partnerships.


We work closely with our partners to aid design and manufacture, or work closely with the customers own choice for the best results.

Skill Set

Microcontrollers : AVR, PIC, ARM, Cortex M3/M4/A8/A9
Programmable Logic : FPGA - Xilinx
CPLD -Lattice
Analogue : Amplifiers, etc.
Language : Assembler/C/C++/C#
Embedded : RTOS (Real Time Operating System) -
RL-ARM, etc.
Driver Development
Windows : .NET, .ASP, Silverlight Database, Server
Security : AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
PC Wired : USB, Ethernet, RS232
PC Wireless : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Remote Data Transfer/Global Positioning : GPRS (Global Packet checkbox Service), 2G, 3G, EDGE, GPS
Tags/ID : RFID (checkbox Frequency Identification)
BUS : Multiplexed comms -
CAN (Control Area Networks)
Control, Dial Control : DC & Stepper Motors
Power : Battery, Mains
Camera : MJPEG Video
Frame Capture
Speed/Angle : Accelerometer
Display : LCD (Mono - Colour)
Capacitive Touch LCD
Lighting : Fluorescent, Power LED