OBD Systems Limited : United Kingdom
OBD Systems : Philippines

Electronic Design-Product Designers

Quality and Competitive Service with additional staff based in Philippines.  Specialists at...
  • Electronic Product Design
  • Software Development
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Electronic Manufacturing & Testing
  • Interface Design: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.


Electronic Product Design

Advanced electronic design skills -we can design your electronic circuit or complete product to a high standard at a competitive rate.

Electronic Product Design service. Image of PCB/Circuit being designed.

Electronic Manufacturing & Testing

Extensive electronic manufacturing/assembly & testing capabilities with out-sourcing to our PCB manufacturing partners.

Electronic Manufacturing & testing service. Image of PCB/Circuit being tested and repaired.

Technical Consultancy

Technical consultancy service for your business -hire us to fill any gap in your business.  Not technical?  We can help.

Technical consultancy service.

USB, Ethernet,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Product design with USB, Wi-Fi and others.  Industrial applications with CAN (Control Area Networks) and Ethernet, among others.

We develop using off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions.

Software Development

To achieve the most professional results we use the most professional development tools available. 

For business desktop/tablet applications that's Microsoft's .NET using Visual Studio C# for:

  • Commercial Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Database
  • 3D Visualisation/Simulation
  • Data Exchange & Interface

For digital product design/embedded systems we work with the best development platform for the particular architecture being utilised.  For digital embedded products ARM or AVR microcontrollers are often used.

" A thorough knowledge of the inner-workings of both hardware and software means we're the best choice for your project. "


+44 (0)1225 764033

Map of UK.

Based in the West Country
...10 minutes from the M4


[Jan-13] Project

STM32 OS under development.

[Oct-12]  LCD

iPad style capacitive touch screens under test.

[28-Sep-12] Website

New websites launched.